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Call Band Destination
GBR-NAT UK 01, 02
F-GBR-FM1 UK O2 Mobile
F-GBR-FM3 UK T-Mobile / EE
F-GBR-FM4 UK Orange Mobile / EE
F-GBR-FM5 UK Vodafone Mobile
F-GBR-FM6 UK Three Mobile (Hutchinson G3 Mobile)


All new customer accounts benefit from 1,000 Call Minutes to the above destinations per SIP Channel subscription.

SIP Channels / Concurrent Calls Inclusive Call Minute Allowance
4 Channels 4,000 Minutes Included
8 Channels 8,000 Minutes Included
16 Channels 16,000 Minutes Included
24 Channels 24,000 Minutes Included
32 Channels 32,000 Minutes Included
48 Channels 48,000 Minutes Included
64 Channels 64,000 Minutes Included
96 Channels 96,000 Minutes Included
128 Channels 128,000 Minutes Included

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