3CX MS Teams Integration

3CX’s industry leading voice solution and Microsoft Teams together.


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Effectively utilise Microsoft Teams to make and receive calls directly from any device, eliminating having to switch between applications saving you hundreds on expensive MS Teams call plans. Our easy per-user service is served from the Cloud; requiring no additional software, hardware or changes to the 3CX phone system.



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When you need an integrated MS Teams and 3CX Solution




Users need MS Teams call capability across all devices- PC, Mac, tablets and mobiles when remote working



Your IT department don’t want to manage several different communications and collaboration platforms



You have more than one communication systems and don’t want to compromise between them

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​Utilising MS Teams for calls means direct through Microsoft, leads to loss of key features unique to your business requirements 



Our proven integrated solution

Our cloud service uses direct connection of Microsoft Teams to your 3CX phone system. It requires zero software or hardware to install and the our engineers can set it up remotely- even if your system is on-premise! 

You can have a central hub for your communication requirements. Utilise Microsoft Teams for messaging and voice across all devices, enabled by a powerful 3CX phone system. 


  • Affordable: Our integrated system is affordable and effective compared to Microsoft own MS Teams calling plans
  • Deploy it the way you want: We are able to port numbers globally. This allows cloud, hybrid, or on-premises deployment
  • No Hassle: You can use your existing business phone system, numbers and facilities
  • Simple Setup: Use Teams for calling with no need to install additional hardware or software
  • Zero Disruption: Call centre, Call flows, and even  compliance features remain unchanged


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Easy per user per month price:

Considerable savings on teams calling plans

​Fully Cloud Managed Service:

With our admin portal for IT management.

Multi device compatible:

Compatible with any device enabled for
​MS Teams - phone, tablet, laptop etc.




Simple IT Management Portal

  • Easy to use portal to enable configuration of service integration
  • Reduction of systems management requirements
  • Remotely deploys to sites
  • Integration for MS teams for user groups as required


Cloud Phone


Use Your Existing Phone System

  • Keep your current phone system with any features your team need
  • Use the addition MS Teams Calling along with 3CX to increase your employees productivity​​
  • Zero additional training required as users are already familiar with the system​
  • Secure and approved for use with leading PBXs and 3CX.





  • Globally secure infrastructure
  • 365 days a year support with around the clock monitoring
  • Built-in security and enterprise grade encryption
  • Limited disruption, low risk and cost effective.


Mobile Phone


Multi Device Enabled

  • Fully supports flexible working: allowing connection from your Mobile, PC or Tablet
  • Compatible with PC, Mac and mobile
  • Cloud-based applications makes for easy remote working
  • Zero additional software or hardware requirements


How it works

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Compare Features

The below table compares the four ways of getting phone calls in MS Teams.

Compare methods
of implementing calls in MS Teams

Integrated 3CX &
​MS Teams

MS Teams Phone System
and Calling Plan

MS Teams Phone with
SBC & Direct Routing

Easy per-user subscription

Zero hardware or software required

​Retains PBX call flows and group 

​Zero number porting required 

​Retains Call Centre functionality

​Retains existing desk phones and devices 

​Available in all countries 

​Zero complex PBX configuration required 

Zero special training or knowledge 

​Retain your current phone provider 

​Cost-efficient for SMB 

​Mix both MS Teams and standard VOIP user phones 


MS Teams & 3CX Integration




Integration of Systems

  • Voice platform delivering a wide-range of business services to multiple types of users
  • Leverage the your investment cost to power tto make savings over potentially disruptive, expensive. additional services and infrastructure
  • Make it so Microsoft Teams integrates with your existing business processes enjoying benefits of collaboration.




Flexible and Remote Working

  • Reduce the number of applications needed for users
  • ​Increase working efficiency and flexibility
  • Higher productivity and lower support costs




Collaboration and Communication

  • A greater amount of employee time is spent in meetings. Make this more efficient by enabling them connect to meetings via their own mobile phones
  • Achieved greater success when your people work together



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